Jiangsu Libao Technology Co. Ltd.
the insurance technology co., LTD. Was established in 2004, the predecessor of the yixing is mairui co environmental protection industrial co., LTD., established in 1987. Is the domestic engaged in glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion products production of professional company. Wuxi the insurance set technology research and development, engineering design, equipment manufacture and project contracting in the integration of "high and new technology enterprise",Mainly engaged in environmental protection water treatment equipment, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, water pollution prevention and control equipment in the design, production, installation debugging through-train service. The company existing staff more than 250 people, including professional title of engineering and technical personnel 35 people, and at the same time, the elder employ a certain amount of college professor and design, scientific research units of engineers for our senior technology consultant. Have more than 10 professional sales personnel fixed-point national each big city. The company has assets exceeds one hundred million yuan, the company production base covers an area of 100000 square meters and a building area of 38000 square meters. In 2009, zhejiang university and zhejiang team members jointly set up the insurance, focus on solid waste (sludge) processing, and has started to invest in the construction of 200 tons/day life sludge pilot project.
For many years, the company with all parts of the country's scientific research, the design units and colleges hook, the establishment of horizontal collaboration, together developed suitable for chemical industry, metallurgy, power, light industry and machinery, mining, pharmaceutical, oil field, electroplating, chemical fiber, textile, dyeing and printing, food, paper, and so on more than ten industry all kinds of industrial water treatment equipment, glass fiber reinforced plastic anticorrosive equipment, waste gas treatment equipment, laboratory equipment, has the equipment development, design, application, inspection of the comprehensive ability.
Over the years, my company walk scientific research, the production, the design three combination way, in strict accordance with the ISO9001-2008 quality assurance body quality procedures production, and constantly improve the product production process, structure, and constantly develop new technology products; For each product with comprehensive service, from transportation started, the installation, debugging process send professional personnel to the scene with service until the equipment trial operation. The aim of our company is scientific management, excellent new technology to ensure the quality of the products at a reasonable price based on the market, by the high quality and considerate service to improve the prestige, wholeheartedly for the majority of customer service....

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